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Single Head Tube Filling Sealing Machine Model No. SBTFS-50
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Semi Tube Filling Sealing Machine India
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The machine is very simple to operate, it consists mainly, one rotating disc with interchangeable tube holding sockets for different size of tubes. Only empty tube should feed manually, after that all process like filling, closing, coding process is automatic.


Tube holder sockets which carries tube holders in which empty tube are placed by hand . The turret head ( Index turn table) rotates step by step in forward direction, through various station. In first station tube is cleaned (If such device is delivered ) by vacuum nozzle.

In the next station tube is sensed by NOT TUBE NO FILL Mechanism where tube allows the stripof rod swing outward when the index turn table starts moving. Thus mechanism operates to starts pumping for the next station immediately.

In the immediate next station, the pump in the housing moves forward and tube is filled with desired amount of paste/ointment.

The pump housing supports the value body and valve body supports the jacketed hoper (JC-1) over it. From the hoper  the material is sucked through VALVE in to the pump.

(For collapsible Tube After the filling of the tube it is indexed to the next station through sealing mechanism which consists of two subsequent stations for only folding of two fold of tube.)

( For Lemi & Plastic Tube After the filling of the tube it is indexed to the next station through sealing mechanism which consists of two subsequent station which consist of heating jaw specially design with low watt heater which seal and embossing letter (For batch number).The temperature of two sealing station can be controlled by two different sensor with temp indicator and can set temp of both station separately according to type of tube material. 

(For collapsible Tube The last one being the coding station on which the folded beam of the tube coded with the different letters in the holders .)

( For Lemi & Plastic Tube The last one being the cutting station on which the length of tube is become uniform.

The sealed tube is then lifted our from tube holder in the next station by ejector rod and it is deflected by tipper to the receiving  hoper kept right side of the machine.

On the left side of the machine push button station is accessible fitted to machine with SS pipe stand . The motor start stop inching buttons, green red and yellow respy. Drives the main motor of the machine . One on off switch and indicator lamp is provided to heat up the jacketed hoper water. The electronic Temperature controller  controls water temperature and it is indicated on the front panel of the push button station. Desired amount of the temp can be set with help of moving knobs of temp controller, The temp is read out by display.

Now look at the machine from rear side The motor underneath the cabinet ca be swiveled up and down by help for tightening of loosening the nut on the bolt for speed variation of the machine.

To the left from rear side under the belt guard step pulley is provided to run machine on slow speed. This can be done by changing the belt after taking out be guard & at right is also you can see the mechanism underneath top guard.

Model: SBTFS - 50
Output Speed Up to 20-40 tubes/min-depend on fill size
Volume 10gm to 250gm
Tube Size Length 50mm to 200mm
Power Consumption 2.5 Kw. Max.
Size 1450 (B) x 1150 (D) x 1750 (H)
Net Weight Approx 285 Kgs
Gross Weight Approx 515 Kgs

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