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IIntroduction of Automatic Single / double heads Tube Filler and Sealer machine

Basing on introducing foreign advanced technology of Single/double heads Tube Filler and Sealer machines and another kind of equipment,  our company special designs and develops tube filler as well automatic tube filling and sealing machine line. The machine has the compact novel design, Heavy duty structure, multi-function and user-friendly to easy operation in order to meet the needs of domestic local and international users in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries tube filling equipment.

The auto tube filling machine and equipment has a 40L hopper, piston base filling the part, successfully sealing and coding unit pour mushy, cream and ointment tube, then complete filling, printing and sealing for plastics and lamination packing through heat seal and automatically complete the filling procedure. The machine could also be used for metal tubes after change the changes parts. 

Tube washing and feeding marking identification, tube filling, folding, sealing, code printing and finished product output all conducted by a fully auto control System. Ointment,Paste,Cream,Resin,Hardener,Silicon Solvents and more.

Optional Devices of Auto Single / double heads Tube Filler and Sealer machine

◆Change Parts For Different diameter tubes
◆Level Control System
◆Pneumatic plunger type barrel inserting pump
◆Heating and warm keeping function for hopper
◆Mixing function for hopper
◆Tube loading machine

Technical Parameters of Auto Single / double heads Tube Filler and Sealer line

Filling volume

1-300ml/unit (Adjustable) with help of change parts


30 to 70 tube per minute depend of fill volume and tube size

Filling accuracy


Tube length

50mm to 200mm

Tube Diameter

10mm to 50mm


20 to 50 ltr depend of product


50HZ/60HZ (Optional)

Powder required

5 to 7 kg

Air pressure

 0.4-0.6 MPa


Key Features of Automatic Single / double heads Tube Filler and Sealer machine equipment

◆Compact Design
◆Driving Parts Fully-closed
◆Pneumatic Tube Feeding
◆Intelligent Temperature Control and Cooling System
◆Easy to Operate and Adjust
◆316L Stainless Steel Contact Parts to meet GMP Standard
◆Safety Interlock Shutdown when Door is Open
◆Overload Protection Provided
◆Automated Working process from Tube Loading to Finished Products Output
◆Automatic Orientation Effected by Photoelectric Induction
◆Chiller – extra cost
◆Date Coding Embossing


Optional Devices


Operation speed:160/min/(max) for Double head / two nozzle tube filling machine


Offering you a complete choice of products which include automatic tube filling sealing machines, lami plastic tube sealing machine, semi-automatic tube filling machine, tube filling machine, double head linear tube filling machine and single head linear tube filling machine with cGMP Service, cGMP Solutions, cGMP Validation etc…..


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