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Linear Semi Automatic / Fully Automatic - Cream & Paste Filling Machine
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Fully Automatic Cream & Paste Filling Machine India
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Linear Semi Automatic / Fully Automatic - Cream & Paste Filling Machine can fill different type of tubes including Cosmetic Creams, Pastes, Honey tube filling machine, Gel tube filling machine, Gum tube filling machine, Balms tube filling sealing machine, Ointments into the Lami / Plastic Tube. Our machine operation shall be tube feeding tube filling tube sealing and tube coding(mfg, date, Expire, Lot No etc) Single operation with indexing we manufacturer Auto and semi auto Paste tube filling machine, Paint tube filling machine, Glue Tube filling machine, Adhesive tube filling machine, Ghee tube filling machine, cosmetic tube filling machine, cream tube filling machine, ointment tube filling machine, lotion tube filling machine, toothpaste tube filling machine, shampoo tube filling machine and viscosity material into plastic tube filling machine ,laminated tube filling machine or Aluminium tube filling machine, then to tube seal operation. We supply many cosmetic tube filler machine for plastic and lemi tubes.

Machine Features:

Semi-Auto hand operated Tube Filling Machine:

Station wise Operation:

Shut-off nozzle, which eliminates product dripping and maintains high accuracy of filling. A plunger in the nozzle helps the shut-off action. A blow-off system is also provided to control product stringing. 


After Filling Lami/PL Tube:

Pump for circulation of chilled water is provided.

Station 6 sealing & printing:  Sealing and coding unit which first seals the heated part of the tube, and then codes on the seal with metal stereos.
Station 7 cutting: Pneumatic trimming unit, which trims the irregular end portion of the tube. An Tray is provided for collecting the trimmed chips, in a bin,.

Station 8 discharge station: The filled and sealed tubes are discharged and collected in the collection bin through discharge tray.

After Filling Aluminum Tube:

Station 6 - Tube 2nd Folding done on this station

Station 7 - Batch Coding- Individual Pneumatic operated batch-coding station. Where coding done on the folded area with metal stereos.

Station 8 discharge station: The filled and crimped tubes are discharged and collected in the collection bin through discharge tray. 



 Combo Linear


Linear Type, Fully Automatic

Number of Stations


Suitable for type of tubes

Aluminum, Plastic/Laminated tubes

Output (Tubes/Hour) (Max)

3,600 tubes /hr. (Depends upon the viscosity of the filling material, and the fill volume)

Tube Diameter Lami/ PL (Min – Max)

12 - 50 mm

Tube Diameter Aluminium (Min – Max)

12 - 35 mm

Tube Height (Min – Max)

85 mm – 280 mm

Filling Range

3gms – 250 gms
(With Interchangeable syringe pumps)

Syringe pump size

3 gms – 30gms
30 gms – 100 gms
100 gms – 250 gms

Filling accuracy

+ 1% of fill weight

Product Types to be handled

Cream, Gel, Ointment, Toothpaste and Paste

Hopper Capacity

50 ltr.

Utility supply in customer scope

Filtered dry compressed air 6 kg pressure.


Salient Features:

Emergency Stop- Machine Stop
Low air Pressure – Machine Stop

General Description:

Basic Inclusions:

3 – 30gms / 30 – 100gms / 100-250gms (Depending on material characteristic)

Change part required for New Lami/PL Tube size:

Change part required for New Aluminum Tube size:

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