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Automatic tube filling Machine
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Semi Tube Filling Sealing Machine India
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Automatic tube filling Machine



The Tubes are loaded automatically   from casset into the tube holder. Then the Tubes is sensed for eye mark. Then
Other operations such as filling , heating,Sealing & cutting are done simultaneously. At the end ejection unit eject tubes from tube holder. 

Machine speed

Output speed max 50 to 60 tubes /min - Output Speed is very to different gramage or different tubes


Scope of supply

Tube feeding

  • Casset made from S.S.& Acrylic, feeding boxes are made from aluminum/S.S.  
  • Designed to facilitate the faster changeover from one size to another size.
  • Loading of tubes with vacuumed loaders. 

Rotating system

  • Linear   type rotation of cups with the help indexer 24 no of cups are available



  • Eye mark of tubes done properly with PLC operated System.


  • Tube holders are made from aluminum & coated

Tube holders have to change for different diameter of tubes


  • Contact parts S. S. 304
  • Filling system mechanical & pneumatic
  • No tube no fill sensor provided
  • Positive shutoff nozzles provided for any kind of


  • Fill volume 10 gm to 230 gm with help of changeover parts
  • With  50 let non jacketed hopper
  • Filling accuracy ±1%

Heating unit

Here tubes are melted for sealing
Water jacketed unit for better performance
Leister make heating gun are used

Sealing unit

  • Tubes are sealed  here


  • Unwanted portion cutted here


  • Pneumatic cylinders & solenoid valves  pneumax  

Technical data:


Power Input


4.2kw , III Phase


Drive Motor
Blower Motor


1 HP, III Phase of Siemens/ Hindustan with VFD
0.5 hp






Indexing system


With camfield make indexer.




Festo make vacuum generator (optional)


M/C suitable for


Any one size, desired by you, along with the machine


M/C can be designed


To pack different sizes with separate change over parts


Change over parts


It is essential for different size of tubes & gramage
Included:  Tube Holder, Tube Loader, pressing cone,
 Orientation cone, Filling nozzle, heating adaptor,


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