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Semi Automatic Cream / Paste Filling Machine
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Cream, Paste Filling Machine India
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Semi Automatic Cream / Paste Filling Machine can fill different type of tubes including Cosmetic Creams, Pastes, Honey tube filling machine, Gel tube filling machine, Gum tube filling machine, Balms tube filling sealing machine, Ointments into the Lami / Plastic Tube. Our machine operation shall be tube feeding tube filling tube sealing and tube coding(mfg, date, Expire, Lot No etc) Single operation with indexing we manufacturer Auto and semi auto Paste tube filling machine, Paint tube filling machine, Glue Tube filling machine, Adhesive tube filling machine, Ghee tube filling machine, cosmetic tube filling machine, cream tube filling machine, ointment tube filling machine, lotion tube filling machine, toothpaste tube filling machine, shampoo tube filling machine and viscosity material into plastic tube filling machine ,laminated tube filling machine or Aluminium tube filling machine, then to tube seal operation. We supply many cosmetic tube filler machine for plastic and lemi tubes.

Machine Features:

Multipack is one of the renowned manufacturer & exporter of tube filling machine in India. We have a wide range of tube filling machines like semi automatic, automatic and fully automatic to match the requirement of our clients. Our tube filling machines are suitable for filling cream, paste, lotion, ointment, gel, toothpaste etc.

Automatic tube filling and closing machine , Tube filling and closing machines for plastic, laminated or aluminium tubes

semi automatic cream filling machine

Multipack realizing automatic machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors.

We have been producing for more than 30 years and always with the same passion the following machines:

semi automatic lotion filling machine


semi automatic paste filling machine

Automatic tube filling and closing machine for Cosmetic creams, gels, liquid soaps, foam baths, balsams, hair colors, lotions, etc. Automatic tube filling machine, cream filling, filling, lotion filling machine, paste filling, semi automatic tube filling machine, tube, tube filler, tube filling machine

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